Thursday, 18 August 2011

You Ignore Me !

How dare you ?!
You ignore me without  reason 
Why ?
What's my fault to you dude?
If I have done something that make your mad
Tell me lah !
Don't just simply ignore me like this
It's very bad you know?
puffttt !
You really-2 make me cry 
You really-2 broke my heart dude !
Seriously , how dare you do this to me ?!
Awhh , fuck ! 
I don't want to cry anymore !
But how strong  I am?
Dude , aku tak kuat lah weyh !
So pleae stop all this .
Aku merayu kat kau sanagt-2 weyh 
Please , stop it 
I know you have reason 
But you don't want to tell me
Why ?
Ouh God !
Please , help me !
Please give me some strength 

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