Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I'm Waiting

I'm waiting for you
How long ?
I also dunno 
I can't stop looking at my phone 
Waiting for your call or mesej 
Says Good Night to me
But see , now it's in the morning already 
Nothing on my screen phone 
I'm so sad 
I wanna cry ! 
I wanna shout !
But for what ?
I also dunno 
We still got time to see 
But , if just see and nothing to say 
Better don't
I'm try to be the best one for you 
But I can't 
Why ?
Because you're not support me 
I need it dear
I really really need it 
Tomorrow , 
I'm gonna say to you that 
I'm waiting for you 
I need you 
I miss you 
I love you 

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